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the Blackweles

Lakewood, 1964-8

Blackweles, 1966: Danny McCarthy, Jim Foley, Artie Dussault, Jim McCarthy

The Blackweles evolved from a Lakewood band called the Madd Ladds, which included Brian Davies and Bill McEwen (drums). After some personnel changes, the Blackweles emerged, with Bill, Brian, Jim McCarthy (guitar), Don Farmer (bass), and Earl Sigman. The name and spelling of Blackweles was chosen as it "looked British"!

The Blackweles became the house band for Friday night teen dances at the Fairview Park Legion Hall, taking over from the departed Tree Stumps. The band's popularity grew quickly, to the point where teens would line up 2 hours ahead of opening. Later, the Blackweles became the house band at the It's Boss teen club on Brookpark Rd.

Unfortunately, the usual suspects of the draft, college, and parenthood meant an end to the original band. Jim McCarthy joined up with his cousin Danny McCarthy, who had his own band which included Artie Dussault (bass) and Jim Foley. The new Blackweles were even more popular, playing teen clubs and dances throughout Cleveland.

This lineup of the Blackweles recorded some original songs for demos, but nothing was ever released.

The Blackweles eventually disbanded, but the former members continued in bands. Foley and Dussalt were in the Crawling Group and teamed up with some of their former Tree Stump rivals in Audi-Badoo. Jim McCarthy joined the Outsiders for a short time, before spending a couple years in the Navy. Jim returned to the Cleveland music scene in Labyrinth.

Thanks to Jim McCarthy