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the Bittervetch

Centerville/Dayton, 1965-7

A high school teen combo from Centerville outside of Dayton. Originally called the Chandells, their new name was not without a problem as they were once billed as the "Bitterbitch" for a dance in Washington Court House. The group included Rob Hegel (keyboards), Mike Reed (drums), Craig Carlson (rhythm guitar), Tim Daum (lead guitar), Dale Graham (vocals), and Geoff Hearsum (bass). The group played the Cavern club in Dayton and teen dances in the area.

In 1966 they recorded a 45 at Mega-City which featured two originals written by Rob Hegel. Both sides are nice melodic garage with British influences.

Rob Hegel continued to pursue songwriting, and hit the charts in 1980 with his song "Tommy, Judy, and Me" and and LP on RCA. Additional credits include the songs "Just as I Am" (Air Supply) and "Do It For Our Country (Grease 2), and "Sinner Man" (Sarah Dash) He is currently residing in New York