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Billy Wells

Cleveland, early 1960s

Billy Wells started his career playing guitar and singing in some undocumented R&B bands. He is often confused with the BIlly Wells (real name William Burrell) who sang with the Crescents, but this Billy Wells seems to have been his real name.  He recorded one 45, credited with the Swingers, for Cleveland's RAN label, a frantic R&B instrumental called "Handclappin " that got some airplay. It's believed he also played on another RAN 45. 

Around 1965-6 he moved to the Miami area and formed a group called Billy Wells and the Invaders. They recorded a 45 that got airplay in Cleveland, he must have maintained some local connections. Wells continued with other groups including the Outer Realm. The story goes that he was a big fan of science fiction and space travel and named his groups accordingly. 

Billy Wells seems to have passed away in the 1980s.

Handclappin / The Beaver - RAN 100, 1963
This Heart These Hands / Ten To One (Come to those who wait) - Sweet Soul 003/4, c. 1967