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Bill Moss

Columbus, 1965-74

Bill Moss was a local legend in Columbus. He started three record companies (Nassau, Holiday and Capsoul), was a local DJ for many years, and released a few records on his own. Even with this fabulous resume, he is probably better remembered as local political legend, running for several government offices, and spending the last 30 years of his life as a prominent member of the Columbus school board.

Bill released three 45s. The first one was one of three known 45s on his Nassau label, started in 1965, not long after he started as a DJ on WVKO. The songs were the standards "Memories Are Made Of This"  and "Please Accept My Love" 

His next 45 was recorded in 1969, for Bell records, a label connection he made through the Holiday label. The song, "Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother", with lyrics about empowerment and success for African-Americans, name checking Ralph Bunche and O.J. Simpson, among others.

His third and last 45, "Number One" was another message song with a gospel influence about a father and son. This also came out on Bell, and was re-released on Capsoul several years later, what seems to have been the last 45 on the label.

Both of the Bell label 45s had backing tracks for the B sides, and were recorded at Musicol using the core of musicians that he employed for the Capsoul releases.

He is not related to gospel singer Bill Moss (of Bill Moss and the Celestials)

Memories Are Made Of This / Please Accept My Love - Nassau no #, Magnetic numbering 257-09H, Sept. 1965
Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother / Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother (inst) - Bell 771, March 1969
Number One / Number One (inst) = Bell 826, Sept 1969 ; Capsoul 1, 1974