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Bellboys (Bell Boys)

New Castle, PA / Youngstown - 1965-71

The Bellboys originated in Pennsylvania, but were big favorites in Youngstown and Geneva-On-The-Lake. The band played extended engagements at the Gazebo Room and the Cove.

The original four members in 1966 included Joe Merando (New Castle, PA.) drums, Sam Marcitulio (New Castle, guitar), Vic Rangel (Aliquippa, PA., bass), and Pat Sferro (Ambridge, PA.,guitar). The group added a 5th member in 1967-Lenny Rock (Butler, PA., vibes and lead vocals). In 1968 the group added 4 horn players from Youngstown's Dana School of Music - Tony Castnza (sax), Jim Jackson (trombone), Tom Hunt (trumpet) and John Lambo(sax). The band played soul music including Motown and other songs.

In the spring of 1968 the group recorded two songs at Akron Recording, a cover of a Jackie Wilson song, "I don't want to lose you", and an original called "Woman I Love". The record got airplay and sold several hundred if not more copies. The group played the Upbeat show in the summer of '68 to help promote the record.

The Bellboys broke up in 1970 but thanks to soul music fans the record has gained a new life. "I don't want to lose you" has been a long time dance fave in the "Northern"/"Rare" soul scene in the UK and original copies are sought after and can fetch $300 in the collectable record market. Vic Rangel formed a namesake band and recorded a 45 at Peppermint.