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Beechwood Farm

Oxford,  1970-1

After the demise of the Lemon Pipers, Bill Bartlett and Bob Nave formed Beechwood Farm with the idea of playing their own music without dealing with the pressure of playing "Bubblegum". So they found two other musicians from the very active Oxford.Cincy music scene, bass player Albritton McClain and drummer Mike Perrotti. Perotti was a local guy, and McClain was from Indiana, but had spent time in the Chicago music scene.

The band recorded four songs at Jewel and released a 7" EP for promotional purposes, not many copies were distributed. The songs are an interesing mix with the Band and the Beatles figuring in there, with some of the original Lemon Pipers sound. Don Litwin, the manager/producer of the Sacred Mushroom, produced the recordings.The band played many local gigs and are well remembered. 

After trying to get a record deal, the band ended with Bartlett startting Starstruck. Albritton McClain moved to the Pittsburgh area and joined Sweet Lightning, before joining the Youngstown band  RMA. Mike Perotti is deceased.

Everlovin' Woman ; Blinded Child / Green Fog ; Are you  - Jewel 920, Jan 1971