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Barrie Manso and the Bonnevilles

Moundsville, WV, late 1950s

Barrie Manso and the Bonnevilles recorded the rockin' classic "My Woman" and had 1000 copies pressed at King, which mispelled Barrie as "Burrie". I'm very pleased to have Barrie tell the story in his own words - "We recorded that 45 in 1958/59 or there about, hard to remember exactly, it's been so long. We did the recording at WHLL it was a radio station in Wheeling , W.Va. We were two guitars , a drum, and me at the time, doing mostly rockabilly stuff and some R & B. We did the local High school scene, the local T.V. shows and opened at some Rock & Roll live shows for the likes of Conway Twitty, Charlie Rich etc. We were 18/19 year olds having a pretty good time."

"I left the Bonnevilles after about a year of that scene and I played with the Don Tosi Band an R & B Band in Wheeling at a club called the 'Stereo Lounge' for a year or so. Then headed for California. Over the years I've done a lot of traveling and have played music on four continents of this small planet.

I'm now living on a tropical island called Koh Samui in Thailand. It's a long way from Moundsville, W.Va.( 12 miles from Wheeling) were I grew up. We just finished playing a 6 month run at a place called the 'Beatles Bar" Doing mostly blues and originals these days, recording a lot and enjoying the hell out of it. Been playing here at various venues for the past 6 years with some really great musicians from all over the world, it's been a great experience. "