Lakewood, 1969-70

Audi-Badoo was a west side supergroup of sorts, made up of Ron Jankowski (guitar), Russ Jankowski (keyboards), Artie Dussault (bass), Jim Foley (drums), Denny McCarthy (guitar) and Ginny Nims (vocals). The Jankowski brothers had been the Tree Stumps and Kismet Maze, while the other guys had been in the Blackweles. Ginny Nims was brought in as a singer to add a different, more polished sound than the member's previous teen bands.

The group was managed by Eric Stevens and his Brilliant Sun organization. Like his other clients Damnation of Adam Blessing and Wild Butter, they got a deal on United Artists so they recorded a 45 at Cleveland Recording. The sound is probably described as turn of the decade polished rock. The record didn't really take off and future recording plans were shelved. 

The band lasted for a couple years. playing the local clubs. Many of the band members regrouped as Spring Wheel.


Troubles / I Don't Know How You Do The Things You Do - United Artists 50627 early 1970