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Archie Poe

Richwood/Marion, 1958-mid 70s


1961 picture

Archie Poe was a long time leader in the Ohio Valley country music scene. He was from a rural area around Richwood, about 15 miles SW of Marion. 

According to the story posted, he started performing locally around 1958, He recorded the first of several 45s for Karl in 1959. He recorded two 45 for Hark in 1960, and one on Siesta in 1960. The first three 45s are great examples of 'country boppers' that are close to rockabilly, both are sought after collectoe records. 

The Siesta 45 has backing by Art Utley and the Rhythm Rangers (mispelled Rythem on the record label), a Marion country band


In 1963 he made a 45 for Ark that still has the country bop sound.

He made two more 45s for the Nashville label around 1965/6. Nashville was part of the Starday custom label series, several other Ohio artists  had records on Nashville.

He played often in the area from Marion down through Newark to Dayton. In the early 1960s ne played on package shows with other Karl label artists, these package shows were Karl's primary way of promoting their acts. Later he played shows that were promoted by Hark label owner Forney Crace.


January 1970 ad with a cast of nearly 30? Bill Moore was a member of Art Utley and the Rhythm Rangers.

In the late 1960s he was using his own bands under the names of the Rhythm Boys, the Poets, and the Buckeye Playboys

The newspaper listings for live shows petered out around 1972

He passed away in 1994.

Give Me A Chance On Your Heart / The Way You're Treating Me - Karl 3004, 1959
Tell Me What To Do / Lonesome River - Hark 501, 1960
Big City / For The Last Time - Hark 503, 1960
Lonely Heart / You're Not Fooling Anyone - Siesta no # (Rite 6931/2), 1961
Honey' Come On Home / And I Just Don't Care - Ark 270, 1963
Juke Box Julie / Back Streets - Nashville 5249
Everything Gets Me Down / Follish Notions - Mashville 5308, 1966