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Amber Hue

Nelsonville, early 1970s

Not much known about this band, other than some of the members were from Nelsonville so the rest of the band were likely from the area. In November of 1973 the members were listed as Bob Mohney and Jerry Wallace (on drums) from Nelsonville, with Terri Nadinne.

In 1973/4 they made a 45 for the QCA label. QCA is obviously known for their record pressing operations, however, like their competitors Rite and Artists, they also had recording facilities, a full service/turnkey shop for making a record. The band recorded two of the more unusual cover songs. "The Last Blues Song" written by the legendary Mann and Weil team. The song seems to have been originally recorded by Helen Reddy, but was also done by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods in 1974. The other side was the Frank Zappa song "Road Ladies", which appeared on his 1970 "Chunga's Revenge" LP. The band members listed on the 45 were Bob Mohney (organ), Don Beck (guitar), Jerri Nedinne (vocals), and Chuck Terry (drums)

According to the same newspaper story, the band appeared at the Gene Autry Hotel in Chicago in 1973.

Bob Mohney had been a working musician for several years, including a 1967 gig in Las Vegas. He was advertised as playing solo shows and lounge dates.

The Last Blues Song / Road Ladies - QCA 404, 1973