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Houghton, MI, 1961- late 60s

Originating in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the All-Niters were first known as the Vigilantes. They grew to be the biggest band in the area and decided to try their luck in Chicago around 1964, with the new moniker of the All-Niters. In 1965/6 they set up base along the southwestern shore of Lake Erie, playing dances and clubs in places from Lorain to Toledo. During their Ohio residency they recorded two 45s and an LP. The LP was called "Live at the Barn, Sandusky" and it does seem to have been recorded as billed. The LP, which is really hard to find, has a great vintage styled cover. All the songs on the LP are covers of early 60s classics - probably  the same set they've been playing for years - that take no notice of the British Invasion.

The two 45s were studio recordings, probably Chicago, but possibly Cleveland. The first 45 is two more early 60s hit covers (You Talk Too Much/Hey Baby), but the second 45 is originals. The song "Please Don't Go" is a nice Beach Boys styled song that would have sounded great while driving along Route 2, and shows they listened to a few new records in the previous 3-4 years.

After the band broke up, bass player Lloyd Hugo performed in a couple other bands, starting back in the UP. In the late 60s/early 70s he moved down to the Norwalk area and started playing locally again. More about Lloyd can be found in the entry under his name