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Alias Funk and Soul

Akron, mid 1970s

While not boasting hitmaking groups like Dayton, Akron had a strong funk band scene of its own in the early-mid 1970s. Alias Funk and Soul were one of the biggest, playing numerous club gigs and festival type shows. 

The band included Mike O'Hara (guitar), Reggie Manley (sax), Chris McFarren (trumpet), Norman Weatherly (keyboards), Ben Powers Jr (drums),  and "Timbo" (bass). They often performed with the vocal group, Shades of Soul.

The band recorded a 45 at Peppermint in 1973. "Well Good" is a mostly instrumental tight funky jam, while :"Bells" is a super ballad, a cover of the Originals hit with their own unique arrangement. Unlike most of the Peppermint label 45s, it was never found in large unplayed quantities, which probably meant it sold its pressing run, not surprising as the band had a lot of fans.

Bells / Well Good - Peppermint 1035, August 1973