A Group Called Eve

Cleveland, 1969

This was a studio only group assembled by Euclid native Phil Okulovich. Phil had been in The Caverns, the group Jim Bonfanti drummed for before joining The Mods/Choir. Phil wrote The Choirís follow up to their hit "Itís Cold Outside", a song called "No One Here To Play With". He continued to work behind the scenes with Choir manager Ray Taylor. By 1968 he had gone out on his own, establishing a production company known as The Abbey Group. Bands were recruited and recordings were made both in Cleveland and Columbus. In early 1969 Phil landed a major distribution deal with Chess Records. Chess took out a large ad in Billboard to launch the new label and trumpet the first release, a single by A Group Called Eve. Unfortunately, before the ink was dry, Chess was suddenly sold to GRT and the entire project was scrapped. Itís a shame the single wasnít promoted as itís a fine example of Clevelandís Anglo-pop sound pioneered by The Choir and continued into the 70s by the Raspberries and others. Not surprising since the band was a local "supergroup" of sorts. Behind Okulovich was the Choirís Kenny Margolis on keyboards, John Aleksic, who came from The Denmarks and was soon to be the first Raspberries bass player, Joey Hudson on guitar, and Chuck Rapinz, formerly of The Mystics on drums. The songs were written by Okulovich under his pen name, Jason Richards. "Within A World Of You" owes to the jangle & harmony sound of The Choir, while the flip, "Smile", brings Margolisí piano to the fore in a Left Banke style. A few extra tracks from the sessions (all of which were recorded at Landen Magnetic Sound) remain unreleased.