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the Year's People 

Cleveland, 1968-78


 1974 ad

The Year's People (or Years People) have a long and still open ended story. For the first part of the story, there is some info here

Frank Tenella & Years People | greenville & beyond

Frank Cooper was performing in Cleveland from the early 1960s up to 1968, im 1968 he was listed as singing with the New Breeds, a self contained band. There's no mention of Frank Tenella in the Cleveland papers. The band lineup is listed as Jackie Payne (guitar), Hank Chapman (bass), Wayne Preston (sax), James Barnes (trumpet). In 1967 Chapman was in the Entertainers. Wayne Preston joined Kinsman Dazz when they changed from Bell Telefunk, in September 1977.  There is no mention of the Big Beats in the Call and Post ads so it's likely they never played Cleveland. 


1969 Ad

The band made the 45 most likely late 1968 into 1969. The A side is a compelling ballad that lasts a bit too long, while the other side is a strong, driving funk instrumental. There are no mentions of Year's People in the Call and Post until June/July 1969 and they are billed as "recording and national TV fame'. Thry were known as Cleveland's answer to Sly and the Family Stone as YP covered a lot of Sly songs. 

The band continued to play through 1972, from newspaper posts. In 1974 they were paired with Ruby Carter, a Cleveland singer who had a deep resume at the time, having sung with the Exceptional Three and Harvey and the Phenomenals. Her time with the Year's People ran from 1974 until 1977, when the band split up. By 1977. they had an almost completely different lineup, with Hank Chapman the only remaining member. Nate Amy on guitar, Rick Decker on keyboards, Rick Murray on drums, and Rick Huston on congas, with no horns. Not sure if the given names are correct, as Chapman is incorrectly listed as 'Chatman'. 


There doesn't seem to be much else on the band members besides Ruby Carter.

You Came Along and Changed My Whole Life, and Made It Worth Living / Funky Drop - Odex 1067, 1969