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5-4-14 : PLEASE READ  - In the past few weeks I have been making edits and adding new entries. Before that I had not been doing much with the site. for the past year or so. I am now making the time and effort to add as much as I can and I am committed to staying with it and filling out with as much as I can. 

For the past few weeks, here are the latest updates: Outsiders (and more to come), Selective Service, Three Blond Mice and Promises, Whalefeathers, New Hudson Exit / Volume Four, Regattas, Daze Endz, Wild Breed, Avenjures, Magnificent Seven, IV Ring Sircus / Moon, Joey and the Continentals, Twlighters, SenSationS, Starstruck, venues page, Dynamite (1 and 2), Dynamics / Bloomin' Lot, Pawn, Godz, Revelation