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Cleveland (Lakewood), 1978

X_X ( usually spoken as "X Blank X" was formed by former electric eel guitarist John Morton..Like many of the non-mainstream Cleveland bands of the time, they are far more 'popular' now than when they were together.  The band lasted for a few months, long enough to play a few live shows (where they were more confrontational than the electric eels. a high standard to surpass) and record 2 45s.

Alone with Morton, the band included x-Mirror Michael Weldon on drums, Jim Ellis on bass, and Andrew Klimek on guitar. Jim Ellis was the editor/publisher of Cle, the seminal and short lived Cleveland punk magazine. Andrew Klimek was the brother of Mirrors founder Jamie Klimek. Electric eels frontman Dave E (McManus)  was the original singer but quit shortly after the band started, so Morton became the singer. Anton "Tony" Fier replaced Weldon.

The band's sound was rough and atonal, less industrial decay and more Dada art than the electric eels, more "no wave" than punk. The later 4 member lineup recorded a bunch of songs, 4 of which were released on Drome records after the band's demise. 

In 2014 Morton restarted the band with Andrew Klimek and a couple new members, one of them former Rocket From The Tombs bassist Craig Bell. The new lineup has played a number of live shows and released a CD.

A / You're Full Of SHit - Drome DR2, 1979
No Nonsense / Approaching The Minimal With Spray Guns - Drome DR8, 1979