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the What Four

Williamsburg, 1964-7


L-R: Roy Jordan, Frank Johnson, Larry Malott, Jim Hoerr

99.99999% of rock and roll bands in the mid 60s wer made of up of students - high school, college, junior high, even a few elementary school students. The What Four, from the Williamsburg area directly east of Cincinnati, included 3 students - and one teacher! The teacher was not your stern-faced ruler slapping father type, it was 24 year old Jim Hoerr, who was in high school during the peak of 1950s rock and roll.

Along with Jim on guitar, the members were Roy Jordan, who shared the guitar parts, Frank Johnson on drums, and Larry Malott on bass.

They have one 45 to their credit, on the BoX label. This label issued a few records that seemed to be package deals where the group paid for the recording and records in the same deal. It has the same echoey sound that is heard on the later (post Apperson) Prism 45s, likely recorded at the Prism operation on Heid Street. Jim Hoerr is the songwriter for both sides.

The battle of the bands that awarded the band's recordings seems like it was related to the WONE Dayton Scene LP. The Dayton Scene competition was in January of 1966, which matches up with the timeline in the article (from  April 2, 1966).


Whenever / Do You Believe - BoX 4000, April 1966