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Wayne Perry / Little Flint

Hamilton, 1966-70s

Wayne Perry is best known for writing hit songs while living in Nashville. His resume includes "Not A Moment Too Soon" for Tim McGraw and "I'll Go Anywhere For You" by the Backstreet Boys.

Back in the 1960s, he started as the lead singer for the Young Breed from Hamilton. While in that band, he met Cincinnati producer Randy McNutt and they started collaborating on some solo recordings. Togther they made 3 45s on Counterpart. The songs have the Cincinnati "blue eyed soul" sound.

In 1972 Wayne and Randy made a 45 using the name Little Flint, just made up for the record. The songs were "Pain" (originally by the Novas Nine, popularized by the Grass Roots) and "Gonna Have A Good Time", the Easybeats classic that was recorded by a few other Ohio artists, most notably the Choir.

Wayne continued working locally through the 70s before moving to Nashville, but he doesn't seem to have made any other records. He passed away in 2005.

Mr. Bus Driver / Gimmethegreenlight - Counterpart 3745, 1971
Just A Matter Of Time / Lovin' You Wasn't Easy - Counterpart 3747, 1971
The Only Thing To Do / Little Bit Of Lovin' - Counterpart 3750, 1971
Gonna Have A Good Time / Pain - Beast 1000, 1972