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the Warlocks

Dayton, 1965-8

The Warlocks were from the Drexel area SW of Dayton. The band included Stanley Malone (guitar), Rick Casey, Eddie Broyles, Dick Bodine, and Jerry Thacker. 

The band was pretty popular and played local teen dances. They were chosen to to be on the WONE Dayton Scene LP and contributed a nice midtempo song with harmonies, "You Should've Listened". The song was credited to Broyles, Casey, and Bodine.

The band's fortunes were hurt when Eddie Broyles was paralyzed in a summer 1966 diving accident, not long after the LP came out. The band continued, possibly with Stanley Broyles as a new member. They played until 1968. A February 1968 article in a Dayton newspaper mentions the band having a fan club with David Hartzell as the president.

Eddie Broyles, Stanley Malone, and Rick Casey are all deceased.

You Should've Listened - on the WONE The Dayton Scene LP - Prism 1966