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Walker Wilson Band

Eaton, mid 1970s

The Walker Wilson Band appears to have included Walker Wilson, along with Randy Baker, Dennis Dedsile, Chuck Parr, Greg Painter, and Jack Force. These are the six names that appear on what seems to be the band's lone 45.

Although a couple of the names sound familiar from maybe being in other bands, there isn't any detailed information about the band that has come our way. 

The 45 mentioned about includes two songs written by Randy Baker, the uptempo "Nothing But Time" and the slow proto "power ballad" "Thinking Of Yesterday". The band sounds experienced and tight, similar to commercial rock from the date on the 45, 1975. The A side especially has a bit of Bruce Springsteen influence with encouraging lyrics that would have been very appropriate for working class Ohioans at that time.

Nothing But Time  / Thinking Of Yesterday - Emery 1001, 1975