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the Vondells

Richmond, IN 1967-70

There were three bands called the Vondells in the area, two from Dayton and this band from Richmond, IN.

The band included up to 14 members and played locally. The leaders were Mike Tevis and Junior Bell on vocals. Other members were Steven Tevis (vocals) , Don Coble (drums), Bill Lewis (organ), Tom Jones (lead guitar) and Greg Terrel.

In 1968 the group recorded their record at Airtown studios in Richmond, IN and had the 45 released on the Airtown house label. The label states "custom" as the band paid for the session and record and it was not promoted like label owner Tommy Wills promoted some other Airtown artists through his huge jukebox network connections.  Too bad for them - both sides of the record are super groovy garage soul, with the frantic tambourine and organ driven "Hey Girl You've Changed" becoming a legendary spin on the UK Northern Soul scene. The lyrics mention 1960s fashion essentials such as bell bottom pants and plastic go-go boots. The flip side "Soldier Boy" is an excellent group harmony ballad.


Hey Girl You've Changed / Soldier Boy - Airtown 012, mid 1968

Thanks to Tommy Wills