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Vienna Boys Choir

Chillcothe, 1968-9

Bill Barnes drums
John Barnhart vocals
Don Chenault guitar
Dan Lusher 12-string guitar, vocals
Yorkie Proctor, rhythm guitar
Jack Robertson, guitar, vocals
Jim Stafford, organ
Joe Waters, vocals
Criss Weisenberger, vocals
Dave White, bass

The Vienna Boys Choir was a sort of Chillicothe-area "supergroup" of local musicians hand-picked by singer-songwriters Joe Waters and John Barnhart, with the express purpose of recording their compositions. They recorded one single in summer 1968, which was released on the New Colony label. The songs were "Trust The Gentle Love" (Waters/Barnhart) b/w "Noon Day Sun" (Waters). Both have a typical 1968 pop sound, bordering on what would later be referred to as "sunshine pop." A contemporary newspaper article about the band noted that it was "strictly a recording group rather than a performing group," although it was stated that they were scheduled to appear on an upcoming installment of "Upbeat." That appearance is unconfirmed, although the Vienna Boys Choir did perform once on the Chillicothe cable TV show "Action Faction."

Joe Waters went on to open a Christian coffee house and later to found the nationally known Recording Workshop studio in Massieville.

Trust The Gentle Love / Noon Day Sun (New Colony, 1968)

Information courtesy of David Coyle