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Ft. Thomas, KY 1965-7


L-R: Mike Connor, Danny Morgan, Ed Knecht, Dave Fleeman

The Vibrations provided the roots for a long family tree of musicians that continues into the present. The band was formed by Ft. Thomas high school students in 1965. The players were Danny Morgan (guitar, from Eastern Kentucky University), Mike Connor (keyboards, from Newport HS), Bill Reeder (sax), and Ed Knecht (bass, from the University of Kentucky),and Larry Ackerson on drums. The band needed a new drummer, and Mike Connor asked his childhood friend Dave Fleeman (from Holmes HS) to join. Dave had been playing drums for a couple years on his own.

Friday, Oct 8, 1965, Dave's father bought him a new Ludwig Black Diamond drum set at Dodd's music in Covington. Later that night, Dave played his first gig with the Vibrations at Eastern Kentucky University. For Dave Fleeman, it was the start of 11 years of a working musician in the Cincinnati area, but tragically, the last time his father would see him play, as he died of a heart attack two days later.

The Vibrations played top 40, current hits. The band played the Cincy/northern Kentucky area for a couple years roughly into mid 1967, the same circuit as other NKY bands like the Marc IV and Wyngates. Unfortunately, the Vibrations never recorded anything.

When the band called it quits in mid-late '67, they got together with some of the members of the Wyngates and after some personnel shuffling, Danny and Mike were in the East Orange Express. Dave Fleeman recalls playing with Ed Wilbers, Danny Schear, and Dave Van Horn in a different band than the Wyngates. Dave Fleeman joined the Matadors house band at Arcaro's club in Erlanger, KY. Bill Reeder eventually made it to Las Vegas where he played in show bands for many years before moving to Branson, MO and playing in bands there. After the EOE and Apple Butter band, Danny Morgan moved to Florida and continues to perform. Mike Connor later joined Pure Prarie League while Dave Fleeman was in Starstruck. Mike Connor passed away in 2004.