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Velvet Crosswalk

Cleveland, 1971-5

The Velvet Crosswalk started as a horn band that played the Corral. The band leader was Tim "Tee" Cernan on keyboards and bass. Joe Kurilec was the drummer, and Ken Ratajczak was the guitarist, with two or three horn players.

In 1972 the band changed to backing singer Alan Broze and they played the lounge circuit, including travelling out of state. Mick Bruno was the new guitarist. Al Riche was the drummer as of January 1973. The band restarted as Velvet Crosswalk in November 1973, with  Bill Wischmeier on guitar. They also played lthe lounge circuit, and according to newspaper accounts, travelled to Michigan and Key West.

Tim Cernan had been in the Solid Gold (as was Mick Bruno). He passed away in 2014.