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the Valley Serenaders

Barberton, 1961-1971

The Valley Serenaders were a long lasting and well known country group in the Akron area. The mainstay of the group was lead singer Calvin Lowden (also spelled Louden). The earliest lineup we could find was Calvin, Bill Parks, and Bernie Parks. The three member group was probably a string band will guitar, bass, and second guitar/banjo/mandolin. In 1962 they had a fourth member, Dorm Burnside.

The group played local clubs such as the Hillcrest Ballroom and Lakemore Nightclub, and also played down bill on several multi artist country package shows. 

In 1967 the band lineup had changed to a combo style country band with Calvin, Bernie Parks on guitar, Bob Newman on bass, Chris Lange on drums, and Tom Hansen on steel guitar. This lineup recorded a 45 at Akron Recording, a good driving version of the standard "White Lightning" and a weeper "When You Said Goodbye" on the flip, credited to D. Hill. The record was released on the studio's Dupree label, with a CW prefix, implying they were trying to have a seperate country label series. That didn't get very far.

The last listing we see for the band was in 1971.

White Lightning / When You Said Goodbye - Dupree CW 601, Feb. 1967