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Universal Joint

Steubenville, 1970-73

The Universal Joint recorded a 45 in 1970/1, a version of the song "Love Won't Wear Off (As The Years Wear On)", originally recorded by J.R. Bailey. The original song was probably popular in Pittsburgh.

Otherwise, not much is known about the band, Rob Parissi, later of Wild Cherry, and Joe Macre, later of Crack the Sky, were in the band. Other members were Larry Caniff (keyboards) and Bert Carducci (drums). We're not sure who played on the record. 

IN 1973 the band was listed as "the New Universal Joint".. An April 1972 article mentions that the band changed their name to East, so either they changed their name back or a new band was formed with the NUJ name.  Rob Parissi had already left to form Wild Cherry.

Love Won't Wear Off (As The Years Wear On) / Love Won't Wear Off (As The Years Wear On) (instrumental) (Sniff)