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Columbus,  early mid 1970s

The Ultimates included two former members of the Enchanted Five, Earl Riley and Jimmy Radford. They returned to Bruce Clark in New Jersey who had recorded the Enchanted Five and recorded one excellent soul 45 for the Br-Roma label. The record got some local airplay and sales in Columbus.  

A few years after the 45 was released, an LP by the group was released under a "tax scam" label called TSG records, and then after the same operators regrouped using the name Graham International, the LP was re-released. The LP included both sides of the 45 and some other songs presumably recorded at the same time. These LPs were released as exact reproductions by the P-Vine operation from Japan. 

Around 1999, a release called "You're My Lady - Plus" was released containing the same Ultimates songs and songs by the Enchanted Five. Bruce Clark seems to have been involved with this release.

Girl I've Been Trying To Tell You / I Just Can't Stand It  - Br-Roma 101, 1974
LP - You're My Lady - TSG 809, 1976
LP - The Ultimates  - Graham International 1978, 1978