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the 2 Of Clubs

Cincinnati, 1964-7

The 2 Of Clubs were Linda Parrish and Patti Valentine, both from the same neighborhood in Cincinnati. Although from the city and not related, they had a natural sounding harmony that would not have been out of place for a singing country family. The group was discovered and backed by Carl Edmondson and his Driving Winds band.

The girls recorded a few nice records for Fraternity, including their almost smash hit record, "Walk Tall Like A Man". The record had elements of Cincinnati rock and some of the British girl pop sound. The British connection was reinforced by their excellent take of "Heart" originally done by Petula Clark. 

Linda Parrish was also called Linda Edmondson, although her birth name was Linda Kaelin, the name she has used in her professional life.


Heart / My First Heart Break - Fraternity 972
Walk Tall Like A Man / So Blue Is Fall - Fraternity 975, Feb '67 (some copies show title as just Walk Tall)
River Deep - Mountain High / You Love Me - Fraternity 994
Look Away / How Can I Be Happy - Fraternity 999