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True Movement / Avatarr

Cleveland, 1974-80s

This soul vocal group included  Phil Coghill, Ernest Mims, John Cofer, and Kenny Redd. The group performed for local shows and were signed on by Leonard Jackson who wanted them to be the lead group for his new Miystic Insighrt label. 

They recorded a couple songs at Agency with help from Lou Ragland, Dunn Pearson and John Brinson. The recordings were well done and represent the high quality of Cleveland's soul sound at the time. 

In the late 1970s the group restarted as Avatarr. We don't know if all the members were the same, although Ernest Mims was definitely there. In 982 Avatarr re-recorded "Depression" and a new song "So Glad I Found You". 

We don't have any more details at this time. Phil Coghill was seen performing with Lou Ragland in 2019.

Depression / What A Lovely Way To Meet - Miystic Insight 1101, 1974
Depression / So Glad I Found You - Miystic Insight 17265/6, 1982