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 the Terrifics / Walter Wright and the Terrifics

Ashland, KY 1966-1969

The Terrifics were a band based in Ashland, KY, although some of the members may have been from Ohio as Ashland is just across the Ohio from a couple of cities. 

The band was fronted by lead singer Walter Wright. He was Black and from the sound of the records the rest of the band was white or mixed. Walter was definitely from Ashland, he was a student at Paul G. Blazer HS there. 

The band released two 45s from 1968 to 1969, both on their custom Fig label. The first 45 has a frantic soul/garage original "Lover's Plea", not related to any other song with that common title. The second 45 is more in the pop-psych style, pressed and likely recorded at King as they use the house Lois publishing. The credits on the first 45 include Wright, B. Hall, D, Hall, Evans, McDowell, and Thomas. The second 45 credits Wright and D. Moore.

Walter graduated from high school in 1969 and joined (or was drafted) into military service, likely causing the end of the band.

There was no more information about the band we could find for now. Walter Wright passed away in 2010.

On The Sea Shore / Lover's Plea - Fig 301. 1968
I Ain't Got / Street Of Love - Fig 800, 1969