Dayton?, early-mid 1970s

Thanks to collectors, misguided or sincere, who were too young to have been around in the Sopor Seventies, this band's apparently lone 45 was been reappropriated as a 'funk' record although it's pretty obvious they were a rock band that happened on a specific sound.

According to the credits, the band included E. Lamm and B. Todd. Mike Lamm - brother? father? is credited as producer. The only concrete info about the band is that they were active in 1971 and played a county fair event in Auglaize county, mainly known for the town of Wapakoneta, the home of "first man on the moon" Neil Armstrong. So it's possible the band was from there, or other towns like Celina or Sidney, where Dayton was the closest large city.

Their lone 45 was recorded at Cyberteknics and released on their Pork house label in 1975.

More info needed? Of course!

Slowburner / Waitin' For You - Pork 2106 (recorded/mastered Dec 21, 1975)