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Swinging Rocks (Swingin' Rocks) / Ruby Yates

Cincinnati, 1957-mid 60s

The Swinging Rocks were an early R&B band from Cincinnati.  In 1959 they recorded a 45 for Esta records, an instrumental "Satellite Rock". They also are credited for backing the Escos on their Esta 45. The 45 lists the names as H. Willingham, R. Irby, P. Murrell, and E. Thompson. Sometime in the early 1960s, singer Ruby Yates was added as a featured performer.

The group played local clubs, and in 1964 had a residency at the Hawaiian Garden. Around that time, they recorded a 45 in Detroit, with the help of Herman Griffin. "It's Been A Long Time" is an uptempo dancer, sounding, not surprising, like a Motown record of the time.

All we have about them for now,,,

Satellite Rock - Part One  / Satellite Rock - Part Two - Esta 1001, 1959
It's Been A  Long Time / Your Turn - Hit Productions 3588