Cleveland, 1973-75

In the 1960s, Standing Room Only had been a popular local band. In 1973, fouding member Ed Sarley, along with original members Greg Sarley and George Sipl, decided to reform the band using a the more comtemporary name S.R.O. Ed Sarley - "in 1973, me (guitar and vocals), my brother Greg (guitar and vocals), and George Sipl (keyboards and vocals) re-formed the band as S.R.O. added new members Tom Madej on drums, and Dale Taylor on bass. This band played regularly around Cleveland's club scene (including many appearances at The Cleveland Agora) until 1975 when it disbanded for good."

No recordings were done by this band. Ed Sarley has continued to play in bands, as has George Sipl. For more information about Ed Sarley's past and present music, visit www.EdSarley.com