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Silky Vincent (Group)

Akron, 1972-

Lou "Silky" Vincent has been the lead singer for various bands since the early 70s and was still actively performing as of 2019.

In the 1970s he put together a band with a full horn section and had local promoter Billy Pittman promote them. Billy ran Operation Hook-Up to promote music and other arts shows for the Akron area's black youth and young adults. Together they recorded a bunch of records from 1973-1980 that showed off the group's danceable party style sound. 

The group's first 45, "Funky World" was first released on the Hook-Up label and apparently enough of a hit to get released on the Eastbound label from Detroit. The next 45s were all issued on Hook-Up. 

Sometime later - much later - Silky released a 45 credited to Silky and the D.G.B.

We don't have a lot of info about the other band members, there does seem to have been a few different people over the years.

Funky World - Part I / Funky World - Part II - Hook Up no # (Rite 30731/2), Eastbound 618 - 1973
Breezin / Breezing Part 2 - Hook Up no # 
Dream / Breezing - Hook Up no #, Rite 36435/6
Changed Man / Get Down With Your Action - Hook Up no #, Rite 36437/8
Dance / Come Back Baby - Hook Up no #
Missing You / Tomorrow - Hook Up no #