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Shadows / Phil Dirt and the Dozers

Coshocton, 1963-70s, 1981-

The Shadows, later Phil Dirt and the Dozers, are proof that rock-n-rollers can live twice....

The Shadows started around 1963. The original band included  Bill LeFavor on lead guitar, Howie Kandel on bass, Bill Lehr on vocals and guitar, Larry Miskimens on guitar, and Lloyd "Bergen" Dunlap on drums. The band's home club was Club 21 in Coshocton. 

In later 1966 Steve Cabot joined as drummer. Steve had been in the Syndicates. The band was now Cabot, LeFavor, Lehr, and Dave Conrad (from Newcomerstown).

The Shadows recorded a couple songs at Magentic, the well produced garage vocal "Look Away", credited to Bill LeFavor, and the instrumental "Shadow Break" written by DeLeJo label owner Harrison Lee Foster. The band's large local following insured the record had plently of local sales. 

The band semi-retired, but in 1981 they were asked to peform an oldies show, so they got back together (Cabot, LeFavor, Lehr, and Kandel, with Mark Milligan on keyboards). They revived an old band joke about a ficitious member named "Phil Dirt" and decided to give themselves a "50s greaser" style name as Phil Dirt and the Dozers. They are still a very active band to this day, having played all over the US. In 2020, Steve Cabot is the only original member. Lloyd Dunlap and Howie Kandel are deceased.

Look Away / Shadow Break - DoLeJo 1001, May 1967