Royal Colony

Nelsonville, 1967-70

The Royal Colony travelled from their small town of Nelsonville near Athens to Dayton and recorded a 45 at a local studio.

The 45 had an initial pressing where the band name was omitted and the artist credit is actually the singers of the songs, Steve Venters and (Steve) Frisbee on one side, and David Norris on the other. A second pressing includes the band name and keeps the other names as they were. The 45 is a good one, featuring an energetic uptempo "Girl of Rags" and the Hendrix influenced "Distorted Glass".

In the 1970s Dave Norris and Steve Venters are credited on a 45 by Appalachia, on the Grape label.


Girl Of Rags / Distorted Glass - Pixie no # (QCA 80803), Aug 1968