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Cleveland, 1976-7

Quadron reversed the normal band process of the 1970s by recording a 45 before establishing themselves as a live band. The three member band included Gary Dickson on guitar and vocals, Jay Vecchio on bass, and Ed Obbish on drums. Vecchio had been in Orville Normal, and Dickson played in Eli Radish (according to a Plain Dealer mention, he didn't seem to be in the band for long). 

The record includes two orignals, and was produced by Charlie Kendall, a WMMS DJ who left the station for Texas not long after the recording. "Never Is A Long Time" got played on WMMS, of course, and apparently confused some local scenesters as a band that hardly anyone knew cracked the mighy 101FM playlist

In August 1977 the band played Tramps, and September of 1977 they played with Pere Ubu at the Pirates Cove. Vecchio was a friend of the Ubus as he did the design for the band's "Final Solution" pic sleeve.

Never Is A Long Time / I Love That Feeling Still - Ricochet No # (QCA pressing # 6102-20), Oct 1976