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the Pypes

London/Jamestown, 1965-6

The Pypes recorded a 45 for Prism in 1966.  According to a newspaper ad listing them playing in Xenia, they were from London. Until that ad was found, we had assumed the record was a one-off studio recording and band name. The writer credits are the 45 are Brenda Lee Jones (Jean of Dean and Jean) on "Tunnel Of Love", there doesn't seem to be any other recordings of the song. The other side is credited to Brian Crouch, who is one of a few mystery songwriters who show up on Prism 45s. Crouch was also credited on the Noblemen 45, although he was not a member of that band and the band members claim authorship of the songs. 

The band included brothers Bruce and Doug Long, who as of the 2010s were playing in the Long Brothers Band based in Jamestown, OH which is about halfway between London and Dayton, so hopefully we can fill in more details.

Dee-Dee / Tunnel Of Love - Prism 1942, 1966