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Purple Reign

Portsmouth, 1966-9


L-R:Ron Hadselll, Jeff Cisler, Owen Thompson, Dave Cisler, Pixie Mader, Rod Risner, Mike Schoonover, Mike Ramey

The Purple Reign was a rock band featuring Rod Risner (drums), Mike Schoonover (rhythm guitar), Mike Ramey (bass), Pixie Mader (vocals), Ron Hadsell (vocals, trumpet), Owen Thompson (organ), Dave Cisler (lead guitar, vocals). The band formed in about 1966-67 from a number of high school (and 1 college) friends in the Portsmouth Ohio area. The band played top 40 rock and roll in local gigs, proms, after-proms, private parties and club dates. The Purple Reign opened for Cream and the Grassroots in Huntington WV in about may of 1968. They were then asked to open in Cincinnati for the Rascals; however, the rascals broke up before the performance occurred. The band broke up after one member (Mike Ramey) went off to OU in Athens. 


Dave Cisler went on to reform a similar band called Shades of Blu with various other local musicians including Jeff Cisler (Dave’s brother) on bass, Debbie Massie (vocals) and local drummers. These bands broke up when Dave and his brother moved to Dayton with their parents after his father took a new job. After Purple Reign, various members continued to play. 

Currently, Rod is playing with local bands when requested around Portsmouth. Ron is playing with the Huntington based band City Heat; Mike Ramey has been lost to time, but is believed to live in Columbus. Mike Schoonover, Pixie Mader and Owen Thompson have all passed away. Dave and Jeff went on to develop other bands in Dayton (see Quintessence).

Thanks to Dave Cisler