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the Prediktors

Plymouth, 1962-9


The Prediktors was started by two Sycamore High School students, David Lee Miller (keyboards) and Bud Van Horn (drums) in rural Northwest Ohio. Sycamore High School was a rural school between Tiffin and Bucyrus. The initial lineup included Cecil Clevenger on guitar and Bob Adelsperger on bass. Cecil and Bob only lasted a month or so. Denis Taber joined on guitar and Sandy B on bass. After a few practices in David’s Aunts garage they hit the hit the teen dance scene and started to get quit a local following. 

Some time in the spring of 1964 they were approach by Bobby Allan, who had recorded a couple 45s on his own Ard label. He offered to pay for them to go to a recording session at Cleveland Recording. The band decided to do a cover of the Johnny Gibson song Summer Holiday and a song written by Bobby Allan, Sails And The Sea. It also appears that they recorded a few more songs at Cleveland Recording and hopefully we will get to her them one day. They played a lot at Club 224 in Tiffin and Johnny Gibson was a regular at the club also. Since Gibson was a big influence, they wanted to record a new version of the song. It was released on the Imperial label late spring of 1964 just in time to get some spins on local radio stations for the summer. The imperial connection must have come from Dick Glasser via Carl Maduri who owned Carlman publishing, the publisher on the Bobby Allan written tune. 


1965 brought the first changes to the line-up. Taber and Sandy left and Denny Lee and John K'miller joined on the guitar and bass respectively. They continued to play locally until the band decded to pack it up and move to Chicago. While in Chicago they hooked up with a national booking agency and played the Midwest circuit. They held try outs for the open lead guitar vacancy. A young Harvey Mandel was give the job and was with the band only 2 months before joining Charley Mussellwhites Southside Band and going on to play with Canned Heat and John Mayall. His replacement was Dave Padwin. They decided to head back to Ohio and they were a big draw in the Northwest and Central in 1966. John K’Miller left the band and was replaced by Sam Benning  

In 1967 they moved back to Chicago where they played the Chicago club scene on Rush and State Street.. In 1968 the band decided to hit the road again and Dave Padwin decided to leave the band and head out to California. Dave ended up in a short lived band called the Music Emporium and recorded a now rare and sough after LP in Psych collectors circles. The band called it quits in 1969. Dave Miller joined the band The Second Coming and they released an LP on Mercury in 1970.

Sails and the Sea / Summer Holiday - Imperial 66053, August 1964

Thanks to Matt Baker, Dave Miller