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Akron, 1973-early 1980s

Pokerface was a huge Akron club band in the 1970s. The played places like the Bank (before it went punk), Ramons, Thousand and One, and probably every Akron/Kent area club that featured bands.

The band was started, and led, by John Jonethis (lead vocal, keyboards, guitar) and included his brother Terry (bass), Clark Hower (lead guitar), Steve Barbuto (drums), and Don Smerk (sax). For a few years,. Joey Bonda was the lead singer. Don Smerk had been in Hobson's Choice.

While they were known as an excellent top 40/rock/dance band, they made two 45s. The first 45 is much harder to find than the seconf 45, and includes a couple songs that are in the slick funky soul-rock hybrid that was popular with a lot of bands back in 1974. The second 45 got a full picture sleeve and seemed to pressed up in a good amount, as there were copies still for sale as a local record back in the early 1980s. It was recorded at Mills Sound, which seems to have been the 1976 names for the Wes Mar recording/ label operation.

Heaven Help / Come On Back - JAGI no #, July 1974
Miss America / Joey - Criteria no #, Rite 36413/4