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Jessie and Mel-O-Tones/Pleasure Web

Akron, early1970s

This Akron group played Ohio style funk in the style of the Ohio Players, etc.

They were originally named Jessie and the Mel-O-Tones and recorded a 45 for the Top Hit label in 1971. Jessie McDaniel was the lead singer, and Clarence Williams played sax and flute. The other members names are unknown to us.

They recorded a 45 for Top Hit which is a good sharp funk record. The record seemed to have sold pretty well locally. A few months later, they issued a couple 45s on the Long Production label. These seemed to have been for promotion only as a way of showing what they sounded like live. They do two standards, "Money" and "It's Your Thing" and extend them over two sides of a 45. Long Productions had the same names as Top Hit. They were recorded at Alcon, surely at the same session, and released on consecutive QCA master numbers.

Later in 1972 or 3 they released a 45 on Eastbound records from Detroit, an offshoot of Westbound records who had several national and regional hits. The group's name was changed to Pleasure Web, probably just a way fo giving them a more 'current' moniker.

More info most welcome!

I Loved You Too Much / Yo uBest Give It Up - Top Hit no#, Rite 27913/4, 1971
Money - Part I / Money - Part II - Long Production no #, June 1972
It's Your Thing - Part I / It's Your Thing - Part II - Long Production no #, June 1972
Music Man Part I / Music Man Part II - Eastbound 617, 1972