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Pinnley Thinstrype

Cleveland, 1967


One of the most obscure Cleveland records from the 1960s was recorded by Pinnley Thinstrype, also listed as Pinnly Thinstrype. Most of what we know is from this 1969 article from New Jersey. According to the article, the band members were Mike Levinson (guitar), Rich Blaskey (bass), and Steve Bassis (drums).

The band name doesn't show up in any of the Cleveland area newspaper archives, athough a blog for Kent music in the 1960s mentions that they played the 5th Quarter there. Legendary Cleveland DJ Billy Bass was introduced to the band and acted as their manager while they lived in Cleveland. He got them to record a couple songs at Audio and they were pressed as part of the Pama customs, a reference well known and loved by devoted Ohio record collectors. The A side is a cover of the Zombies song (later as a hit recorded by People) while the B side is an original credited to Levinson and Moss. No idea who Moss was, possibly a member who was gone by the time of the article.

The description of the band's sound as 'psychodelic (sic) soul' is not far off on "The Sun Will Shine", mixing a Young Rascals style dance groove with a harmony vocal break in a style that sounds very Cleveland. Not many copies of the record have surfaced, probably another 100-200 Pama deal.

I Love You  / The Sun Will Shine - Bloomin' no #, 1967

Thanks to Billy Bass