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Pinky and Jim Jenkins

Cleveland, early - late 1960s

Pinky and Jim Jenkins were a husband and wife act who were part of the Cleveland's folk scene in the 1960s. They played local clubs, including several appearances at La Cave opening for touring acts.

In 1965 they were on  one side of a split 45 that was released on Pama. On the other side was a recording by the Cliches of the James Brown song "Good Good Lovin" mistitled "Got Something For You Baby". The Jenkins' contribution was their own song "Manry and the Sea", a folk ballad styled song about Clevelander Robert Manry, who captivated the NE Ohio area in the summer of 1965 with a solo sailboat voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. The song was later recorded by the New Community Singers, a straight folk group, on Clevetown. The NCS recording was pretty popular locally.

Due to a pressing mixup, both sides of the 45 are credited to Pinky and Jim Jenkins and the Cliches, giving the impression that the Jenkinses are singing on "Got Something..." but that is not the case, each of the credited artists are only heard on their side of the record.


Manry and the Sea / Got Something For You Baby (by the Cliches)  - Pama 1001, fall of 1965