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People's Choice / Caesar's Five / Dave and the Marvels

Cleveland, 1964-70

For a part of 1968 through 1969, People's Choice were the house band for the Upbeat show.  The band goes back to 1964 when they formed as Dave and the Marvels, playing the Cleveland rock sound of the times. The band was fronted by Dave Miles (real name Mystiwczyk). 

In 1967 the band was known as the Caesar's Five(V) and played lots of local dances. Mike Mariani was the drummer.

In the fall of 1968, now using the name People's Choice, they became the Upbeat house band. They also played local clubs. Mike Mariani was doing double duty in PC and Truth.

The band split, with the guys in Truth returning as Batcha, and Dave Miles restarting a band using the name Puzzle People.