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the Parakeets

Canton, 1958-65

The Parakeets were a four member R&B/vocal group. They started as high school students in Canton, and they were contemporaries of the O'Jays (Mascots). Charles Davenport was the lead singer. A 2016 story about his grandson says the Parakeets became the O'Jays - this is nor true but it's possible that the groups started as one and split to form their own identities.

The group recorded two 45s. They were managed by Cleveland's Redda Robbins. The two 45s were recorded in Detroit with the production help of Harry Balk and Irving Micahnik, using their Mack-King production pseudonym. The first 45 was released on Jubilee records and the second on Big Top, similar to other Cleveland 45s by the Visions and Colleen Kaye. 

In 1968 Charles Davenport spent a few months as featured lead singer for the Chylds, as well as recording a couple solo 45s.

Come Back / Shangri-La - Jubilee 5407, Aug 1961
I Want You Right Now / I Love You Like I Do - Bigtop 3130, Nov 1962