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the Other Guys

North Canton, 1966-8

The Other Guys were formed by four high school students in the North Canton / Jackson area. The original band included founding member Tim Ailes (lead guitar), from Hoover HS in NC, Chuck Batives (drums), Greg Andrews (lead vocals, guitar), from Hartville, and Mike Keck (bass). The band started out by playing private parties, while practicing in Greg's family basement. The band name came from a inside joke - they weren't the Beatles, or Stones, they were the Other Guys!

After a few months Jeff McElrath (from Jackson HS) replaced Chuck, Greg dropped the guitar and became lead singer, and John Folwer joined on rhythm guitar. This lineup became the most familiar group of Other Guys. McElrath was an excellent drummer who spun his sticks. The band got a steady gig at Stroubles bar in N. Canton, and played a lot of 'event' gigs like wedding receptions, etc. The band also played the Jolly Roger out on Rt 30 towards Alliance, every Saturday.

Greg's father knew of Mills recording studio and the band decided to cut a record, mainly as a way of boosting their popularity. "Recording Artists" always looks good on a marquee. They went down to Mills and recorded versions of the Animals "Inside Looking Out" and the Beau Brummels' "Sad Little Girl". Unlike many other local bands that recorded covers, the Other Guys actually paid royalties for the songs! The intended A-side was "Inside.." but local Canton DJ Todd T Taylor spun "Sad Little Girl", to the band's disappointment. Taylor also tried to get in on managing the band, but the band felt they already had enough bookings and didn't need him. So, Taylor stopped playing the record.

Sometime after the record, John Fowler left and a guy nicknamed 'Bo Diddley" joined as bass player. The band continued to play local gigs, and owned their own uniforms with jackets and high boots, Fender amps, and a PA. Eventually, the end of high school and changing times brought an end to the band. Mike Keck was a "wildman" and unfortunately died of a drug overdose in the early 1970s. Chuck Batives was killed in the Vietnam War

Inside Looking Out / Sad Little Girl - Maarc 1533, 1967.