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Organics / Arthur Griswold / Griswold Brothers

Toledo, 1950s - 2012

In the late 1950s, brothers Arthur and Roman Griswold moved from their home in Arkansas to Toledo. When they established themselves in the Glass City, they became ambassadors of blues and R&B for nearly 50 years.  

The Griswolds took up residency at the famous Hines Farm blues club just outside Toledo. They also played area clubs. Arthur played guitar, while Roman sang, played harmonica, and keyboards. Hines Farm was a major draw for the Chitlin Circuit artists and backed up many of the touring artists along with playing in their own band, the Organics. They also played often with Big Jack Reynolds, another southern born blues artist who moved to Toledo in the early 1960s.

From 1966 until the mid 1970s, the Griswolds recorded several strong 45s credited as the Organics and Arthur Griswold. Their 1st 45s were on Detroit's Fortune records (along with recording for Fortune with Reynolds). In the late 1960s they kept up with musical trends and cut a hard funk instrumental "Foot Stumping" for another Detroit label, Compose. In the 1970s they formed their own label, Buckeye Records, and released three more 45s including a new version of "Foot Stumping" - the vocal "Main Street Beat".

During the 1980s/1990s, the rediscovery of the older generation of blues artists brought the Griswolds to a new audience where they recorded a couple CDs. The brothers continued to play until Arthur's death in 2003. Roman continued to play until his passing in 2012. Roman's death meant the end of the line for the original Toledo bluesmen. 


Pretty Mama Blues / Trying For A Future - Fortune 871
Daddy, Daddy Pt. 1 / Daddy, Daddy Pt. 2 - Fortune 872
Daddy, Daddy / I've Just Got To Know - La Val 872
Foot Stumping / Good Thing Going - Compose 126
I've Just Got To Know / Look What The Fool Made Me Do - Buckeye 4021 - Feb. 1974
The Big Game Hunter / Main Street Beat - Buckeye 591 - Sept 1975
What The Judge Did To Me / Their Is Something On Your Mind - Buckeye 7112 - Nov 1977