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Pure Pleasure Band / 100% Pure

Springfield, late 1970s

The Pure Pleasure band were from Springfield, close enough to Dayton to have grown up in the local scene and played the same places as bands like Slave. The band included Bo Johnson (lead vocals), Danny Smith (lead guitar), Robert Merriman (bass), Greg Parsley (drums), Larry Applin (keyboards, vocals), Dean Simms (trumpet), and Thomas Allison (sax).

In 1978 they recorded three songs at Kingsmill, mainly as demos to shop for a record deal. The songs were "Funky Disco Music", "All Of My LIfe", and "Joy" The band's manager, Dave Harris, went to New York City and nealry got a deal with Atlantic records, but it fell through.

During the record company dealings the band was told that "Pure Pleasue" was too close to the already established west coast funk/R&B band Pleasure (on Fantasy record), so they changed the name to 100% Pure. They them issued two of the songs on the Kingsmill house label Blue Ash. The 45 sold a number of copies, but they split up shortly after.

Most of the band members continued on playing. Dean Simms joined the Ohio Players for many years in the 1980s.

Funky Disco Music / All My Life - Blue Ash 170, 1979