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Ray Dawson and the Ohio Soulsters

Akron, early 1970s

We don't have a solid ID on this group yet but the evidence (mainly live appearances) says they were from Akron. Ray's name is listed as Ray Dorsey, Ray Damson, and on their lone 45, Ray Dawson, so we will assume the record is correct and the other names were mistakes.

The 45 includes two heavy fuzz guitar/organ funk instrumentals "Hell Of A Thing" and "Soul Of Ray". It was recorded at Cleveland Recording and given a CRC master number, something that is done for a few CRC recordings, but certainly not that many compared to their output. The 45 is a tough one to get and sought after.

The band seemed to be around in the early 70s, but Ray Dawson was active in local music into the 1980s, if not later

Hell Of A Thing / Soul Of Ray - no label no # (Cleveland Recording master 2183) 1973